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Mon, 14 Nov


Vision of the Heart

Sacred Seeds Festival

The definition of consciousness is “the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.” So let’s wake up together and become aware of what is going on and the difference we want to make in the world.

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Sacred Seeds Festival

Time & Location

14 Nov 2022, 12:10 pm – 17 Dec 2022, 4:00 pm

Vision of the Heart, 70964 Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Mexico


About the event

Whether  you are trying to save the planet or become a master hula hooper,  consciousness requires awareness and an awakening. But waking up is not  enough. It is time to consciously focus on raising your consciousness  and come together as a collective .

Sacred  seeds festival has been carefully cocreated with the intention on this  focus. Using dance as the unique medium to elevate self love, physical  health, emotional resiliency, creative expression, deepening social  engagement, and accessing altered states. The vibrant jungle energy and  our delicately put together team are here to offer a safe container to  access the information for you to live your most fulfilled life in this  cycle of lives. We cannot emphasize more the great importance of doing  this work together as tribe to elevate our emotional, physical and  spiritual well-being. This is the collective movement we aspire to  cocreate with you.

Intensive  workshops based around conscious living, environmental impacts,  spiritual connection, emotional balancing, natural medicine, trauma  based healing and Permaculture will be the glue for our bridge to bond  together around topics that have great importance and impact for our  planet and tribe. Meticulously we have woven masters of these topics  into our daily movement flow, so that the mind can simultaneously dance  around the empowering wisdom and knowledge that will be shared with us.

We  gather each day in ceremony to honor a specific element and direction,  to remember our intention to collectively heal and give thanks to the ancient spirits that are always with us guiding and protecting us. There will be space for purification with daily Kambo ceremonies and Temazcals.

LETS come together to plant our SACRED SEEDS of intention back into the earth and dance our prayers into the sky.


-3x nights camping in jungle paradise -11 hours daily of carefully curated DJ -sets, with a mixture of genres to fulfill everyone's dancing needs. -Daily meditation and yoga practices. -Daily temazcal -Cacao ceremony -Daily kambo ceremonies. -Daily elemental ceremonies -Daily Live visionary art -Collective live painting from all who are inspired to collaborate. -Workshops **From  a range of masterminds teaching workshops based around conscious  living, environmental impacts, spiritual connection, emotional  balancing, natural medicine, trauma based healing and Permaculture. To  be this space !

FEATURED SITES:            --------------------- --THE VENUE-- Vista Hermosa

180  hectares of pristine jungle, surrounded by giant trees, ferns and  breath taking veiws. Clean fresh rivers and waterfalls, 100 year old  Cacao trees, hundreds of varieties of fruit trees, coffee, bamboo, an  abundance of flowers, birds, birds and more birds. There are many  beautiful places in the world, but there's an essence to vista hermosa  that truly leaves an imprint on heart.


The  luscious green jungle paradise is the home for our dance temple.  Contained by giant tress, ferns and the birds singing their songs, this  magnificent dancefloor looks like Dinosaurs should be grooving alongside  with us. With ample space to move about, a beautifully constructed  bamboo stage, psychedelic and abstract artworks to get lost in, a river  that runs right by the stage, and a waterfall to walk up when the body  needs a cleansing.


Surrounded  by baby Cacao trees this a place for us to come together as tribe to  eat delicious vegetarian / Vegan food, grab a smoothie or a cup of a  Cacao (made from the land), take part in an intensive on Permaculture or  herbalism or grab a bite and watch in on the workshop happening. Our  conscious market of artisans selling an array of their crafts,  creations, arts and our food market will hold the space in our nursery.  Price ranges to accommodate all budgets and pallets are available.

We are expecting applications for artisans now, email us at.


A  squishy comfortable space to relax and decompress for anyone going  through an intense trip that needs guidance and support. For anyone  having a difficult process and needs a silent space to reflect, or to  have a trained space holder to help you through it. Option for just for a  nice big hug to help regulate the nervous system.


An  accommodating bamboo medical space open through most of the day and  night. The place to come for any first aid needs, our trained medics and  herbal witches will take care of you. Natural medicines and tinctures  are available here for use and for purchase.


An  open quiet space amongst the trees and bamboo pillars, for  practitioners to offer various healing modalities throughout the  festival. A space where our workshops on emotional traumas and healing  workshops be held. The container will be closed for the morning so that  those wanting to be apart of the Kambo ceremonies have the energetic  space to surrender.


A  sweat lodge, which originated with pre-Hispanic Indigenous peoples in  Mesoamerica. Made on our land by a native temazcalero, entering into a  round bamboo igloo shaped structure, with a low ceiling that represents  the maternal womb. Here, the four elements are unified in herbal vapors,  created by the interaction of cold river water on volcanic stones.


The  fresh water river gorge is filled with impeccable natural jungle  wonders with a kaleidoscopic palette of reds, yellows, blues, pinks,  purples and greens. Trails can be walked along and up the river for  miles, a secluded sanctuary can easily be found.


Manmade, naturally filled with clean river water pool for all to enjoy. Chemical free.


Shaded, flat campgrounds with close proximity dry toilets and showers will be sectioned throughout the venue.


There will be shuttles leaving from mazunte on the 14th. Vehicle parking at the top of venue, then a shuttle will take you into the festival grounds. *** Times and costs will be posted ***


Limited availability to rent jungle Cabañas. Email separately to check for options and space.


There will be recycling centers throughout the venue. Please be responsible for helping us maintain a clean camp site and venue for all to enjoy and for our environment.


Throughout the venue there will be many boi constructed compost toilets and showers.


Bring your own flash light. It's the jungle, bacteria grows- bring your own hand sanitizer, insect repellent, parasite preventatives for precaution. Awareness to only fill your water from the clean water available. For serious Injuries medical center is 20 minutes away, transport there will be on call.


We provide unlimited clean drinking water in all areas of the venue.


Many vegetarian/ Vegan venders for all budgets.

We are expecting applications for food vendors now email us on.


Electronic  devices- spaces apart from campgrounds are device free, we ask for the  space to be photo free, we will have photographers to take those magical  moments for you. There will be no WiFi.

NO Drugs, No Alcohol

**No  alcohol, no chemical drugs are welcomed into festival. If found, they  will be confiscated and returned after festival. 1 warning, 2nd time  caught you will be asked to leave with no refund. We cannot express  deeper from our hearts the sacredness we are trying to provide here for  the experience. Keeping the energy clean is the most important part of  this festival so that people can access deep states, without the use of  chemicals and alcohol. Try this one time and see what happens.


Sacred seeds is child friendly, all children are free up until the age of 15.


No pets are welcomed. Please do not bring your furry friends and we will have to ask you to remove them.

CAMPING ------------ Options: Bring your own tent Rent one of our 2 man's- 500 pesos Option to rent separate: Mattress- 300 pesos Blanket- 200 Tarp for extra protection incase of rain-50 pesos

Please add the options for camping to your payment.

Looking forward to making earth movments with you.





  • Early bird. Ticket only.

    MXN 2,555.00

    +MXN 63.88 service fee

    Ticket only, for camping pay on the separate "camping" ticket option.

    MXN 2,555.00

    +MXN 63.88 service fee


    MXN 0.00

  • Tent Rental

    MXN 500.00

    +MXN 12.50 service fee

    Rent one of our 2 man tents. Mattress and blanket option separate.

    MXN 500.00

    +MXN 12.50 service fee


    MXN 0.00

  • Mattress Rental

    MXN 300.00

    +MXN 7.50 service fee

    Rent one of our Mattresses to fit inside your 2 man tent.

    MXN 300.00

    +MXN 7.50 service fee


    MXN 0.00

  • Blanket rental

    MXN 200.00

    +MXN 5.00 service fee

    Rent a nice soft blanket to sleep with.

    MXN 200.00

    +MXN 5.00 service fee


    MXN 0.00


MXN 0.00

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