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I started my journey of self discovery in 2014. After many years of working in hospitality In the big city of Cape Town South Africa deeply caught up in the daily rat race, I finally worked up the courage to follow my dream of traveling South America. After quitting my job and selling all my world possessions, left with nothing but a small backpack with essentials and no Spanish or portugués language skills  I took my flight to Brazil starting my adventure in a small ashram in the mountains. There was a longing I had to understand my place in the world and I felt strongly that by diving into a spiritual practice of yoga and service it would help define that place. 


I found myself constantly drawn to understanding more about regenerative design, Permaculture, herbalism, and natural building, finding my way to as many schools and communities that practiced these techniques. As a trained chef, I generally ended up in the kitchen and it was here in these conscious communities where I discovered there was a new way to incorporate food into my  life. Completely inspired by the realisation that food is medicine, understanding the concept of farm to plate and how controlled we are buy the food that we are brainwashed to eat by  mainstream  society. I felt it was my mission to delve deeper on how the body works, nutrición and help people to incorporate this into there lifestyle in a holstice way. 


In 2016 I had a beautiful opportunity to apply my knowledge of permerculte and create a garden for a yoga school in the jungle in Costa Rica in exchange for a 200HR Hatha Yoga Training, another life changing event that again gave me the tools to help people to learn and grow within themselves. Continuing to study different styles of yoga I found I have deep passion for the chakra system and how these energy centers work in the body and how understanding them can have a huge impact on our emotional and mental and physical well being. Once I realised my place on this planet is only to serve and bring people into their highest alignment doors really started opening up for me. For the next few years I spent my time working closely with communities and retreat centers creating high vibrational food, running retreats and conscious festivals of all kinds, creating apprenticeship programs, the list goes on. 


Co-creating this project is an incredibly huge dream for me, my biggest wish is to give all who are open to take the first step into the unknown the inspiration and the courage to continue that journey of self exploration so that they may live their life to their highest potential.

Fern Leaves



Each experience is a chance to practice this mindfulness, to bring you to a place that speaks from your heart, with love and compassion. Here you begin to speak to yourself with love and compassion, and in turn love yourself deeper than you could have ever imagined. Here is a place I feel you can fully give that love back to another. Beautiful soul connections begin to attract. 

Growing up I constantly sought out “out of the box” experiences, I felt I was constantly chasing something, something I didn’t know what was. It felt limiting and isolating from the sense of self. Who was this self? What was this mind, that continuously chattered, relaying and analyzing each action, each thought, each emotion, every scenario from past, present and future. I felt controlled by my own mind, so I set out on the exploration to discover if and what lay beyond the “monkey mind”


I am now a certified YTT 200 hr Ashtanga yoga teacher. Ashtanga being a strong practice, I truly felt the stuck energies be moved from the body. I felt strong and in my feminine and masculine power, the beautiful duality that balances the mind. It gave me the commitment to a practice and to life I was needing. In my perspective a lot arises from fear, from conditionings, from traumas, from the matrix world we are told to fit into... and all can be undone.. with the work.. the practice and the help of the tools. There are many.. sitting with a multitude of different plant and spirit medicines helped me connect on so many different levels, they all gave me different things to work on, to realize, to release, to become one with all...even your favorite hobby of dancing can turn into a deep understanding of whom you are, and reconnect you to your inner knowing, the nature, the elements, The deep deep trust. All is exactly as it needs to be. So I invite you, come join us in this exploration into this majestic world, full of love, and trust, where there is no bad- only experiences to help us grow. 


You’ll see what I mean when you get there ;) We hold you. You are safe. There is no judgement, no expectation. Just show up, as you are and get ready for the ride.

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