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Earth Movement


We invite you to join us on a holistic adventure of expansion. One that we will develop a true sense of oneness together as a group.
The time is now to make the shift.

Ever asked yourself, who am I?

What is my purpose here?

What can I do in order to live life to its fullest potential? 


Have you ever dreamt of letting go of everything of the world you know and starting again, starting in a way that will bring you fulfillment... in a way that never has before. Ever dream of living in Conscious communities, running retreat centers in the jungle, Or living off the grid closer to nature. Have you been waiting for right opportunity to explore, or work deeper with plant medicinesHow about having the freedom to experience life without the pressure that society has constructed?

23 Day sustainability and spirituality,educational immersion.

Our mission is to take you on a journey of self-discovery to really dive deep into these contemplations. In order to do so, we have created a platform using a network of people whom have delved into these questions and discovered what it is they wish to create for a better lifestyle, for themselves and for the global evolution.

A road trip like no other, embark on this 3 week journey by private bus with us beginning in the stunning West coast shore lines of Mexico, Ending the experience in the enchanting lake side of Guatemala. Along the way we will visit Conscious communities, retreat centers, Permaculture farms, herbalism schools, ashrams, natural building projects and more . We will go deep into the understanding of the construction and manifestation of these projects. What inspired them to make the move from a limiting lifestyle to a liberating one. The tools they needed,  and the challenges they were met with. 


Our intention for sharing this knowledge is so we can provide you with an array of models that may appeal to you that can be applied to your own dreams and aspirations. We will also be incorporating daily practices like meditation and yoga, conscious communication workshops, retreat building workshops,  Classes on high vibrational Vegetarian food and planning menus for retreats and sitting with plant medicines, so that we may truly discover what it is we want and how to build that manifestation in a sustainable way. 

What you will receive:


  • Private Shuttle From Puerto Escondido, Mexico- Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

  • 23 Yoga Classes

  • 23 Guided Meditations

  • 22 Nights of Accomodation in beautiful spaces.

  • 2x delicious vegetarian meals per day.

  • 2 Sacred Plant Ceremonies. Peyote- Served by the native Huichols

  • MUshroom ceremony

  • 2 temazcals (an indigenous sweat lodge)

  • Cacao ceremonies

  • mayan Fire ceremony

  • The outlines of how to live in and create community. 

  • Talkshops with community hosts

  • An In depth look into Permaculture in all types of climates.

  • Learn how to maintain a daily Spiritual Practice. 

  • Introduction to Herbology

  • Introduction into nutrition and how food affects our body types, mind, energy and life. 

  • Introduction to microdosing

  • Learn the funadmentals of Mycology

  • How to Connect With the elements and use them to connect with ourselves. 

  • Voice activation--How to connect with our voice 

  • Ecstatic dance

  • Creative expression

  • Nature immersion


  • *Throughout (and following) the retreat, you will receive ongoing support from the facilitators,  and will be provided with tools for processing and integrating your experiences.

  • *We provide a loving, accepting environment that births powerful community, camaraderie, and reconnection with self, others, and nature.

maddie, Rene and 2 additional facilitators and space holders will be joining us to teach along the way the permaculture principals and herbalism.



The mystical town of San Jose del Pacifico, a town located off the pacific coast of Oaxaca.

This small mountain town situated 2500 meters above sea level is a place where the clouds roll in through the valley, where some of the most picturesque sunsets shine through the tall ancient pine trees, where each breath is of fresh mountain Air, each exhale a sigh of peace, the paths are layered with pine needles and the aromatic smells of hot chocolate steep the streets. It is a place to connect deeply with ourselves, one another, and with the nature surrounding us.



On the magical coastline of Oaxaca Mexico our journey will begin! Oaxaca is the heart of Mexico. A melting pot of color, textures and flavours. Whilst the town of Mazunte though it may be small holds an essence of energy that leaves you in awe . With the magistic Pacific ocean shores that stretch on for miles to sacred aztec mountains where ancient ceremonies were once held. It seems as though you can always hear a song traveling on the wind that you want to dance to. There is a feeling here, a feeling of freedom, a willingness to drop inhibitions and dive into the ocean of your own heart.



A city like no other,  the historic city of San Cristobal lies in the south of Chiapas Mexico. With its extraordinary Spanish inspired architecture and its vast lay out  of artisanal treasures. Once here you truly feel as though  you have stepped into old Mexico with just the perfect amount of new age artistic influence. Culturally San Cristóbal is a divine treat, with museums in every corner, world class food and nature  surrounding the city at every angle. There is a high vibrational  buzz of the collective consciousness that leaves  us feeling alive and ready for adventure.



The crystalline lake is one of the greatest natural gems of Latin America. Located in Guatemala’s Western Highlands, Lake Atitlan is a tourist-friendly area rich in the Mayan culture. There are more than 20 Mayan ethnic groups in Guatemala, and the Lake Atitlan area is home to a handful of them, most notably the Tz’utujil and Kaqchikel people. Surrounded by 3 huge volcanoes (one being active) and small villages that dot the edges.

This is a magical place that by itself envelops the visitor, the infinity of views, high vibrational people and the pockets of gems, making it an ideal place to end our journey. The spiritual energy vortex the lake provides brings feelings of peace, harmony, balance, and tranquility, these states help us to promote personal reflection, deep insight, and a clear mind. Bathing in these elevated vibrations can be beneficial for raising our consciousness and facilitate our spiritual development.

This life changing journey will begin in the mountains of San Jose Del Pacifico, oaxaca, mexico, traveling into the southern pacific paradise of Mazunte, the majestic valley of San Cristobal, Chiapas and ending at the enchanting lake Atitlan, Guatemala.





An ashram and yoga school situated on a hill overlooking the Pacific coastline in Mazunte, this magical place has offered many people the chance to go deep within themselves and truly ask themselves the question 'who am i'. Who am I beyond the personality, beyond the name and idea I have been attached to my inner existence. Giving people the platform and techniques to connect with the heart and the divine self. Here we will learn about the founding of this project and  how to embody spirituality into our everyday lives, understand the deep impact on selfless service and  practice some of these modalities. 

vision of the heart nature sanctuary

In this natural sanctuary and edcuational center located in the riverside jungle  , where there is an abudnance of  medicinal plants, tropical fruit , cacao, and coffee trees  that surround the 150 hectares of secluded jungle paradise. We will be learning the principals of herbalism using the plants that surround and more, moving the energies with nature in a jungle ecsatic dance, soaking in rivers and waterfalls, understanding deeper the principals of permaculture, gathering an undertanding of how to start and build your own community projoect, and a nature mushroom ceremomy with our sacred fire. 


In this we have an incredible community and school. We find  pioneers who have dedicated their lives to the exploration of medicinal Mushrooms. A place where we can delve into the understanding of how we can work together as a community to bring this very necessary medicine into our reality on many different levels. Here we will take an indepth look at the community and how it flows, and learn about  the benefits and movement of the mushroom world. 



Known as 'the farm' to the local community, this group of young people have this piece of land into a sustainable Permaculture And ethical animal product cultivation farm, school, cafe and hostel. Theses inspiring humans have put together different styles of courses for people to come and understand and incorporate  Permaculture into their lives. There is also a beautiful look into the importance of farm to plate and how eating the food that we grow ourselves can be powerfully beneficial to the body, mind and soul. Here we will learn in depth about Permaculture, getting connected with the earth and how to live in a more regenerative way, a look into animal husbandry. 

Green building academy

In the small Lake side village of lake Atitlan this natural building academy resides. All the buildings here are incredibly sculpted using old school techniques with mud and different types of wood also incorporating new school recycling earth ship designs of glass bottles and tiers . Their main objective is to inspire and teach people to look at construction in a whole new light. Understanding that we can be more regenerative and kind to our planet. Here we will learn about these different bio constructive techniques and what it takes to Apply these methods to our own projects. 



The Mystical Yoga Farm is a transformational retreat center tucked in the serine jungle of Guatemala. Here they hold space for yoga teacher training, permaculture design courses, workshops, are a sustainable farm, community, and retreat center where you can go to fully experience the true tranquility that lake atitlan has to offer. We visit this enchantingly magnetic sanctuary not just to help us to reconnect with ourselves, but to use the magic of this space, the volcanos, and the lake power to awaken our inner child and nourish our mind, body and soul. Here we will learn how to turn our dreams into reality by diving deep into the power of manifestation.


Nestled atop a traditional Mayan village of San Marcos La Laguna on the shores of majestic Lake Atitlán, Eagles nest will have you in a “true wow” kind of moment. The views are like none other, the energy is high vibrational yet still all in one. Here they offer a wide range of offers to immerse yourself into to explore, experiment and go beyond the matrix mind. Including: 

LIFE RESIDENCY - An immersive community experience as the setting for a profound and intentional personal experience. 

Community events- Intentional gathering that honor collective creation within the spirit of collaboration, conscious festivals - cacao dance - ecstatic dance - mayan fire ceremonies - sound healing- 

OPEN CLASSES  - Exploration of movement arts, including but not limited to yoga, ecstatic dance, contact improvisation, acro-yoga, chi-qong, flow arts, aerial arts, breathwork, cacao ceremonies, contact beyond contact....

Here we will learn the Art of letting go through the expression of dance and movement with our bodies.


Including the workshop on what is done at each project and how to apply these aspects to our own lives. We will also be given a lecture on how these projects became what they are today. From the ground up, we will go on a step by step journey with each project to understand the ins and outs of what it took to get to where they are today. We also have a few surprise drop in facilitators, projects and activities that will be revealed 

During the tour.

And Many more surprising places along the way...