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 "I've had the pleasure of sitting
with these lovely ladies multiple times to receive the medicine of
kambo. I have always felt protected and cared for in both a physical
and energetic capacity. The mushroom ceremony I attended was also
quite powerful and the space was held with love and openess.
Accompanied by beautiful music and a great balance between structure
and freedom, the process flowed harmoniously. Im very grateful to have
had the privilege of working with Rene and Maddie and recommend them
as trusted healers who hold a protected space."
-Austin Fuller-

" I took part at the retreat and womens circle both guided by Rene and
Maddie, and I loved it. Both ceremonys were accurate for me, and
benefited me. They both held the space perfectly, and I felt safe and
free to be myself, and to reflect.Thank u for your blessed work and
for that amazing experience"
-Ori Luz salomon-

"The ceremony with Rene and Maddie in San Jose was a big gift of the
universe... from my perspective everything happened in divine flow. I
felt very connected with the people and still feel the connection.
Very beautiful what arises out of this. The container for the ceremony
felt save, hold and loving. The space holding was strong, caring and
enough space/fluidity to feel free. Maddie and Rene are both very
experienced, strong, stabil, loving and authentic. Good medicine fresh
from the surroundings...from my experience intense, but not too much.
I enjoyed the most to sing to the music. Epic heart sound...angelic
and tribal earth vibes.
When is the next?"
-Olaf Wider-

"It was overwhelming. I‘m grateful to found this two beautiful sisters
which guided me through the process of purging my body! For me it was
my first purge with the Kambo medicine and also my first Ceremony
which I couldn’t imagine it to be better. The effort the put inside to
clean the place(with Tobacco, Palo santo and Cobal), you feel you
comfortable and safe, and to have the best purge for your body and
your soul is just beautiful! You feel that they learn it in the
traditional way: from the diet they ask you follow before to the Rapeh
they serve after .I appreciate their work and i‘m already excited to
come back for another amazing purification of my body."

"During four beautiful kambo ceremonies i had the chance to experience
the wonderful work of Maddie and Renè. Both guided me always very good
through my process, Rene with her beautiful voice and shamanic
medicine music. Maddie with her intuitive manner is able to support in
deep inner processes and knows what people need. The amount of
medicine was always perfectly chosen and i felt very save. The space
is tender created and i really felt theirs intention namely to help
and heal people. Thank you so much for those beautiful ceremonies wich
lead me into deep healing processes! Definitely the best cambo
ceremony’s i have ever experienced!"

"Get ready to embark on the journey of your life. Maddie and Rene have
dedicated their lives to being in service and they create a safe and
loving container to allow yourself to fully surrender into the
experience. Whether  that is through music, plant medicine, yoga,
meditation or breathwork. These ladies have done a tremendous job
elevating their spirit high, that when you are in the presence of
their company you feel it to be contagious. The ringing of Renés voice
and Maddies laughs is still echoing in my ears and bring me so much
joy. Allow yourself to connect, transform, grow and shine as your most
authentic highest self in the company of these two ladies."
-Rene tvedt-

"Renee and Maddie has shown up in my time in Mazunte at all the right
moments I’ve needed support outside of her healing services. But in
terms of her healing services, I have done rapeh, a yoni steam and a
mushroom ceremony. Each one of those moments have been defining in
terms of my spiritual growth. It has helped me learn a lot about
myself. What I need to do for myself and what I’ve held onto that I
can now let go in terms of emotional trauma. Healing with rene and
maddie has helped me realize that I’ve known the answers all along and
it’s easier to deal with what is brought up in the time with them
because they are  unconditionally supportive, loving, inclusive and
also provides a safe space to come to them after these healing
services to further help integrate those aspects into my life. I would
10/10 recommend these 2 to anybody. Even the most doubtful. Theyll
change your life."

"I have had quite a few massage sessions with Rene, and without a
doubt, she is one of the best massage therapist I have ever had. She
is super intuitive & always gives her 100%, if you are looking to heal
your body & soul, then I’ll recommend Rene."
- Vin Singh-

"Very pleased with the deep tissue treatments. A powerful and yet
caring approach to the massage. The spiritual level of it perfected
the holistic theme. High recommendations from me."
-Mark Santin-


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