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Mystical Mycology 5 day immersion

Day 1.
Begins with a pick up from Pluma hidalgo.
Afternoon Lecture on how mushrooms (medicinal and psychedelic) function on the mind, body, soul level.
Talk on the connection between mycellium and nature, Following with a Mycology Satsang.
Finshing the day with a Cacao ceremony to connect with one another, the fire and to set our intentions for this immersion.
Day 2.
Indepth theoretical and practical day on mushroom cultivation - how to grow medicinal and psychedelic mushrooms from both spore print and liquid culture, to your own life time supply of medicine.
Day 3.
Sunset Mushroom ceremony to go deep with the medicine, to get to know it, get to know yourself, connect with the mycellium in everything and nature.
(Held by trained facilitators, space holders and musicans)
Day 4-
After a well deserved sleep in we will gather for a short introduction talk on microdosing- where will meet again the medicine on a more subtle level.
Our integration will take place on a nature walk in our abundant jungle forest, filled with fruit trees, flowers, Cacao and Coffee. Ending up at one of the many waterfalls on the land to meet the element of water for a blessing together.
Day 5
Final day of integration with a Cacao ceremony to have our final questions and sharings.
Ecstatic dance to get those energies high for our journeys to our next destinations.


All meals are included- Cooked by trained vegan chefs. 

Gluten free option availible- On request. 


Let us awaken the goddes within, together with the help our plant ally cacao.  We will be using this delectable medicine in many different ways to tap into our devine sacredness.

*Day 1- we will open with a Cacao ceremony to open our hearts, set intentions for our time together and to get to know our sisterhood .  


*Day 2 - Morning Yoga and meditation. After breakfast we will be lead by our local Mexican mother, to learn the arts of making chocolate from fruit to paste. An indepth workshop that you'll feel confident after to pick those amazing fruit pods of the cacao tree, to make your own chocolate from home.  Late afternoon/ night we will be drinking the cacao made by the paste we have together made in the workshop, to once again open the hearts before we enter into the "mothers womb"- the temazcal, a native mexian sweetlodge to purify, pray, sing, release, and call in whats needed for ourselves, our sisters and the planet. 


*Day 3 - we will learn to make delicious chocolate treats together, eating our creations, getting a little silly and laughing ourselves into the afternoon where we wil have a powerful sacred fire in amoungst the jungle. We will be creating together a fire dance prayer for the women of our earth, our ancestors, and the great spirits that watch above us. Carefully planned music to carry our prayers , activate and move the energies into the earth,  transmitting all that no longer serves into the fire. With the medicine of cacao as our guide.


*Day 4 - after morning yoga, meditation and another delicious vegan breakfast, will walk together to the beautiful river that runs through this lush jungle. Where we will share a water blessing and a tea infused with cacao skins  to activate the water element internally and externally, to learn how we can use this powerful element to help us flow like the rivers. 


*Day 5 - our last yoga, meditation together followed by a final sharing CACAO gathering. For integrations, sharings, whatever is alive.... following this we will have a gratitude dance to close the circle. Ecstatic DANCE style to move and close the energies...


Delish vegan meals will be served throughout everyday.

All accommodation are shared rooms. First come first serve basis on style of room.  

There is an option for 1 completely private cabaña.


Or pay now with paypal.
Add in the mesage the retreat your booking for. 
Retreat amounts above. Minimum 50% depsosit required. Total due 3 weeks prior to starting date.

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